The Scala 3 compatibility story

No programming language can succeed long-term without strong stability guarantees. Scala 3 takes this seriously, giving you excellent backward output compatibility and ensuring your code will work in future versions without changes.

Unlock the power of your analytical data platform for data-driven decisions

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How gradual engineering improvements deliver value and save costs

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Why digital transformation is important for remarkable business growth

Digital transformation is essential for businesses to remain competitive in today's fast-changing business environment. By integrating digital technology into all aspects of a company, businesses can fundamentally change their operations and deliver value to customers, as well as increase revenue and gain better planning and decision-making. This post talks all about digital transformation and how a service partner may be of assistance.
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SoftwareMill joins the VirtusLab Group


Application extensibility in the Google Cloud ecosystem


Jenkins Operator Sunset

We end Jenkins Kubernetes Operator support and maintenance. The project will be continued by the members of the community.

Is Hadoop still relevant: Is it our future, or does it belong to the past?

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What is the difference between Scala runner and Scala CLI

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Revisiting Scala Native performance

We have compared Scala Native performance aspects and memory usage with JVM and Graal Native Image in this article.