What is Data Mesh? Redefining Data Platform Architecture

Data Mesh has been founded on four key principles that revolutionised data management. It focuses on decentralisation, domain-oriented teams, data-as-a-product, self-serve platform, and federated governance.

What is the future of Java in today’s enterprise?


Cloud security policies in GCP: How to set them up using Terraform


How to set up a Bazel testing configuration: The comprehensive guide for Scala and Java

Bazel Testing provides developers with a reliable approach to validate their code. We created a full guide for Scala and Java for you!
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How to mine Scala 3 compiler metadata using TASTy files


Cloud Migration: Take Your Business to the Next Level

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How to improve agility: Make your team adaptable and agile again

The fundamental concepts of Agile methodology center on effectiveness and flexibility, prioritizing the completion of compact, integrated assignments that enhance the overall worth to a business.

E2e infrastructure testing in Terraform: How to make scripts reproducible and reliable

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Large Language Models: How to use open source alternatives to ChatGPT for Scala documentation


The Scala 3 compatibility story

No programming language can succeed long-term without strong stability guarantees. Scala 3 takes this seriously, giving you excellent backward output compatibility and ensuring your code will work in future versions without changes.
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