E2e infrastructure testing in Terraform: How to make scripts reproducible and reliable

E2e-testing in Terraform is an important way to keep your team’s effectiveness up and running. In this article we will go through it and more.

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Large Language Models: How to use open source alternatives to ChatGPT for Scala documentation


The Scala 3 compatibility story

Unlock the power of your analytical data platform for data-driven decisions

Businesses become competitive, once they avoid guesswork, create an environment for data-driven decisions and use data from analytics platforms in…
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How gradual engineering improvements deliver value and save costs

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Why digital transformation is essential for business growth: Efficiency in today’s business landscape

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SoftwareMill joins the VirtusLab Group

SoftwareMill has officially joined VirtusLab, marking a significant milestone in the growth and development of the VirtusLab Group. Now our team has grown to more than 500 IT specialists, ready to plan, develop, and implement advanced projects.


Application extensibility in the Google Cloud ecosystem


Jenkins Operator Sunset

Hadoop: Is it our future, or does it belong to the past?

As business needs and market trends change, Hadoop and cloud data platforms will evolve together. Will Hadoop remain a data solution companies rely on?

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