IntelliJ: An Advanced Moveset for Shared Indexes

When you start working in JetBrains IntelliJ IDE, a powerful development environment, you will run into something that will halt all your progress in a moment – the dreaded indexing process. Read this guideline written by our Tooling Developer, and find out about an advanced moveset for shared indexes that will help you make your job done faster!

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The Most Common Scala Myths Debunked


VirtusLab is a Silver Sponsor of Kafka Summit 2022

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Spark 3 migration for the top global retailer

This article sums up our work with a challenging Spark 3 migration for a top global retailer.

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Back in time – Summer Internship 2021 at VirtusLab


VirtusLab ranked in FT1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2022

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Achieving Indisputable Job Security Using Novel Scala 3 Features: A Case Study

Scala 3 has been out for a while now, and since then, our devs have used its new features for many purposes. Learn about the most economically beneficial one in a post by our Scala Developer,


How a Little-Known Jackson Feature Helped Secure My Domain Code

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Forbes Diamond 2022 awarded to VirtusLab again

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How do we interview for Cloud Engineering positions?

We are VirtusLab – a rapidly developing software engineering company. We offer services spanning from cloud infrastructure to reactive systems and data science. We also invest in R&D and provide substantial support to the IT community by organising conferences, meetup groups, and contributing to open source efforts.

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