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Smart Factory Solutions

Achieve exceptional ROI with our MES and APS solutions. Our proprietary software, branded Nexelem, was designed and refined over a decade by manufacturing experts for industry professionals like you.

A digital enterprise tailored to your needs

Improve your OEE with a scalable, multiplatform software solution tailored to your business needs and production requirements. Start with a functioning MVP right away while we gradually customize your system. This approach ensures that you can leverage strategic insights and practical expertise to enhance your operational efficiency.

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Manage information flow from order to fulfillment

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Enhance production planning through automation and optimization

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Elevate productivity and profitability

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Achieve precise manufacturing reporting

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Ensure manufacturing accuracy

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Refine your production planning strategies

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Regulate material flow

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Minimize chaos and eliminate waste (Muda)

Gold medal-winning smart factory solution


Partner with the leading engineering expert in scalable software solutions & Industry 4.0.

Nexelem software was awarded the Gold Medal by the MTP group, Poland's most prestigious recognition for innovation.


This honor was bestowed for its advanced planning algorithm, innovative user interface, and sophisticated digital-twin architecture, marking significant advancements in the field.

What our smart factory solution offers

Our smart factory solution is based on our own product, Nexelem, and the expertise we have gained over a decade of working with various manufacturers in Europe. It focuses on modularity, expandability, and seamless integrations, enabling you to use our know-how for your best.

Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)

Seamlessly integrate your company’s ERP and other critical systems such as CMMS and WMS using our customized solutions. Enhance operational efficiency and track the conversion of raw materials to finished products, boosting both OEE and profitability.


Optimize production schedules to minimize setup times and monitor employee productivity. Employ our strategic multi-stage approach to planning and monitoring to ensure a streamlined and profitable production process.


Explore MES on Nexelem →


Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

Choose optimization functions that match your business objectives, refining production schedules for Just-In-Time (JIT), Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), and inventory optimization to achieve cost savings.


Enhance resource management, react swiftly to market shifts, and reduce energy and labor costs. Rapidly adjust production queues to cope with disruptions like breakdowns or shortages, bolstering your R&D capabilities.


Explore APS on Nexelem →

Digital Twin UI

Digital Twin

Create a digital twin of your production company and processes, continuously updated with data from the market and internal departments, such as volume demand, market conditions, and machine breakdowns, all integrated via API.


VirtusLab can also develop a comprehensive digital representation that mirrors your company and manufacturing operations on a global scale. Create new opportunities to improve product quality, reduce downtime, and increase throughput.


Explore how to create a globally functioning digital twin →

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VirtusLab's work has met the mark several times over, and their latest project is no exception. The team is efficient, hard-working, and trustworthy. Customers can expect a proactive team that drives results.

Stephen Rooke
Stephen RookeDirector of Software Development @ Extreme Reach

VirtusLab's engineers are truly Strapi extensions experts. Their knowledge and expertise in the area of Strapi plugins gave us the opportunity to lift our multi-brand CMS implementation to a different level.

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Leonardo PoddaEngineering Manager @ Facile.it

VirtusLab has been an incredible partner since the early development of Scala 3, essential to a mature and stable Scala 3 ecosystem.

Martin OderskyHead of Programming Research Group @ EPFL

The VirtusLab team's in-depth knowledge, understanding, and experience of technology have been invaluable to us in developing our product. The team is professional and delivers on time – we greatly appreciated this efficiency when working with them.

Michael GrantDirector of Development @ Cyber Sec Company