1 August 2017 / Mikołaj Kromka

Spark SQL under the hood – part I

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Summary & initial requirements If you use and have a basic understanding of the core concepts of the Apache Spark and Spark SQL (RDDs, DataFrames, Execution Plan, Jobs & Stages & Tasks, Scheduling), then after reading this blog post you should be able to answer the following questions: How do Spark SQL’s Datasets relate to […]

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24 July 2018 / Bartłomiej Boesche

Is SQL not cool anymore?

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A technological rant Foreword Hey, SQL is not cool anymore! Isn’t this the prevalent opinion nowadays? A few years back, I was appointed to my first “real” microservice project. We were writing a new platform on AWS and everything was going to be new, shiny, scalable and maintainable. But when exploring DynamoDB in a prototype app […]

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