19 February 2018 / Adam Gajek

5 steps of creating your very first Type Class in Scala


In this blog post you will learn about how to implement your first type class, which is fundamental language feature in the icon of the functional programming languages — Haskell. Type Class is a pattern that originates from Haskell and it is its standard way of implementing polymorphism. This type of polymorphism is called ad-hoc polymorphism. Its […]

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9 July 2018 / Adam Gajek

OOP vs. FP. The pursuit of extensibility part #1

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    “Over the last few years I’ve been interested in the Scala programming language and I’ve heard a lot of criticism about its mixed Functional and Object-Oriented Programming nature. On the other hand, Functional Programming has recently become so popular that OOP is now considered an old-fashioned method that should be translated to FP […]

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