9 October 2015 / Jakub Kramarz

Hacking platform drivers into Intel Edison

Unlike most of the development boards, Intel Edison uses binary, proprietary blob for delivering tables of devices connected to I2C and SPI buses. They’re loaded via Simple Firmware Interface (SFI) during kernel startup in Intel MID SFI initialization code (located in intel_mid_sfi.c) and compared to board data structure (board.c). “To summarise, in the need of […]

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19 May 2015 / Jakub Kramarz

Intel Edison + Scala = BlinkOnboard

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For a long time programming embedded systems with limited hardware resources forced you to use native languages and run your firmware bare-metal. That effectively meant that being a Scala software house and doing embedded weren’t an easy job. Fortunately, more and more relatively high-performance platforms have been recently emerging. After playing for some time with […]

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