Engineering support for Scala 3 projects

Handle resource and knowledge shortages when using Scala 3. Eliminate concerns that critical issues may become unmanageable.

Scala 3 takes it to the next level

Scala 3 provides exceptional expressivity and safety thanks to its innovative type system. Scala 3 also focuses on ease of learning and use. Get help establishing a developer ecosystem and advice on creating the ideal architecture to fully realise its potential.

Experts on hand to quickly resolve tough development issues

Have experts on hand to quickly tackle complex development issues. Resolve problems that would typically take months in only a few weeks or days. The support is available by phone, email, or video call, according to your preference.

Fast-track for problematic issues and Scala 3 feature requests

Take advantage of a fast track for your problematic, critical issues and developers-requested Scala 3 usability improvements. Additionally, get direct contact with the compiler team and priority for fixes needed in your company’s workspace.

Scala 3 and Metals support

Components covered by the support are Scala 3.x and Metals. Problems debugged on the spot, providing guidance and help prioritising critical bug fixes are included as part of the support. Additionally, nightly builds of the compiler and Metals can be tested on your code to avoid regressions before new releases.

Free support for Scala 2 to 3 migration

With VirtusLab’s migration experts on your side, you can be sure that the migration process will go quickly and without a hitch. Support for your code during migration is provided free of charge.

Work with Scala experts to solve problems quickly

The Scala experts at VirtusLab can identify blockers early on, addressing numerous problems on the spot. Additionally, having specialists on hand to provide instruction makes it much easier to manage your projects’ open source dependencies and learn how to use the new metaprogramming API.

Migration support is a multiplier for in-house resources

Migration support guides developers towards efficient ways of using Scala 3. With added help from Virtuslab’s team of experienced Scala engineers, migration will have a minimal effect on your schedules and delivery deadlines and will benefit your team’s efficiency going forward.

Overcoming major obstacles during migration

In complex projects, major progress blockers are not always inevitable. Your engineers will grasp Scala 3 and be able to handle such challenges after receiving an injection of expertise and consistent knowledge transfers.

The right time for migration

The migration support team will work with you to determine the best time to migrate to Scala 3 and will help you develop a personalised plan to handle all migration uncertainties.

Scala migration support

In brief…

Do you recognise these pain points?
  • A challenge in identifying the right time to migrate
  • Fear of complexity and unknown blockers
  • Lack of the experience required to perform a migration
  • Lack of expertise in migrating macros and / or the new metaprogramming API
Offer – A period of free migration support from experienced Scala engineers
Main benefit – Help you choose when to migrate and how to handle the uncertainty and complexity of migration
Why are we doing this? – To improve Scala 3 and its ecosystem and increase adoption.