Growth through innovation
We encourage innovation in the interest of our customers, our company, and our team.
we turn team ideas into
the best possible solutions

Inspiration hits everyone from time to time. From developing Proofs of Concept, through local Hackathons and internal projects, to contributing to open-source projects – all this lays the groundwork for future investment and makes VirtusLab a strong company.

our r&d space
core r&d team
To mentor R&D projects within VirtusLab, we’ve gathered highly experienced business developers and academic researchers. 
new ideas
We promote new ideas from cool algorithms to innovative products. For our colleagues business, we’re always more than happy to give legal or financial support – and lots of our time and patience.
our routine
Our core team hosts an R&D session every week at which we discuss new ideas and take important decisions about ongoing research projects. This is when we assess new ideas and decide what’s ready to launch.
Scientific cooperation
We work with leading AGH University of Science and Technology to supervise student projects, organize special courses and run joint projects.
Research & Development space to drive growth
We take risks and create stuff to solve real problems; this is part of our philosophy and has a regular framework – our R&D space.