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The second oldest university in Europe is the crystallization point for unmatched excellence in information science. Your next project kick-off will be here in our pretty city – with us, your partner of choice!

Other Service Engagement Models

But our service portfolio has even more to offer. Challenge us to tailor a service structure that supports your projects in the right way and closes the most critical gaps.

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Translating business requirements into a convincing technical answer, defining the system architecture and mentoring the team to embrace new software methodologies. It all starts with our Solution Architects and their outstanding competence.

We learn our customer’s business before we tweak the IT. Digital Transformation means more than just new code. Such projects can be complex with winding paths to go. And how can it seamlessly go into production in the Cloud? VirtusLab has the people, methodologies and experience to write your personal Digital Transformation success story.

Lots of cool new stuff is going on in the software like DDD, Reactive, CQRS/ES, event-driven systems and Cloud-native design. We advise and mentor your teams about what’s appropriate in the project and how to apply the right tools correctly. So let’s try it out in a PoC and build a demo that rocks!

You have the project – we have the best team to deliver it. Together we can build something great, starting from an MVP to a production roll-out with full application support. Scalable, on time and on budget.