Jenkins Operator Service on Azure

Get to know Jenkins Operator Service on Azure– the right way of running scalable, immutable, and secure Jenkins in your organization. Now available on Azure Marketplace to get you started within minutes with a world-class CI/CD solution.


Over the past months, we have been productizing our experiences on the crossing of Azure and CI/CD. Today we are pleased to announce the result of this work and our newest product – Jenkins Operator Service (JOS). It’s a cloud-native Jenkins platform for scalable and cost-effective continuous integration in the public cloud. Built on top of Kubernetes, our Jenkins Operator enables customers to fully automate Jenkins pipelines, plugins and any additional configuration needed.

Let’s go back in time

Back in 2016 when Kubernetes was getting more traction, dev teams used to deploy Jenkins to leverage autoscaling and self-healing capabilities in a new Cloud-Native world. It was usually done via Helm 2 which was full of promise and official Helm Charts were far from production-ready.

It often led to maintaining your own private fork with a bunch of additional Groovy scripts to install plugins and configure Jenkins which became unmaintainable as it grew to a large scale.

The number of issues and support activities related to managing Jenkins at scale forced us to rethink our initial approach. We made a decision to adopt the CoreOS Operator Pattern and automate the full lifecycle of Jenkins.

As a result of hard work, we released the initial version of Jenkins Kubernetes Operator which quickly became adopted by the community and hosted under the official Jenkins GitHub organization.

Continuing our journey, we decided to build a Cloud-Native CI/CD platform based on our operator – Jenkins Operator Service on Azure to free up engineering teams from typical infrastructure activities and let them focus on the business value.

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In a nutshell, Jenkins Operator Service offers:

  • Elastic Scalability

No more waiting for available Jenkins workers to run your CI/CD job. Still, you never pay for idle Jenkins workers, only for the capacity you actually use.

  • Configuration as Code

No more custom changes that get lost after redeploying Jenkins. No more problems with setting new environments as everything is driven by configuration stored in repo.

  • Security and Compliance

You start with secure defaults and hardening preventing typical security exposures.

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JOS is currently in private preview. We are going to move toward the General Availability release early in 2021. Use the following link to sign in for a private preview version!

If you want to learn more, i.a. the whole overview of JOS, its pricing, security aspect etc., visit the Jenkins Operator Service website & read the first post on the blog.

We will keep you updated on the progress of our work. Any feedback is welcome, so feel free to share your comments with us!

Written by

Paweł Dolega
Paweł Dolega Nov 24, 2020