Our vision of the digital transformation
How to become digitally ripened
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Evolution of a Legacy Retail System with Digital Transformation
Responsive and fault-tolerant systems that truly scale
We delivered a cloud-based solution that prevents customer account takeovers. The mechanism blocks thousands of IP addresses daily by recognizing brute-force attacks, login attempts from untrusted devices, context analysis, and many other security techniques.
Building real-time enterprise applications
Autonomous solutions in stores at scale? Computer Vision has empowered us to reach for what was considered impossible until recently. Check out how we helped reduce the client’s operational costs using fraud & theft detection mechanisms to measure open tills’ demand.
Unleash the value of your data: let it tell its story!
VL’s teams built data pipelines that offer spatial and graph-based analytics to optimize supply chain operations. Our high-performance big data solution reduces the time wasted on expensive routes and helps to find the best suppliers. As an added benefit, the solution opened further opportunities for product lifecycle tracking.
Leverage machine learning for business cases, and discover new business models
Leveraging the cloud capabilities for Machine Learning (ML) is yet another step to develop and deliver complex models faster. VirtusLab engineers and data science experts provided multiple state-of-the-art ML pipelines to improve recommendation mechanisms, resulting in increases to our client’s revenue, and optimization of their marketing costs