Respond quicker to changing customer needs, markets, and technologies

Cloud-native engineering provides optimal infrastructure, architecture and ways of working so your business can move forward without restrictions.

Make complex cloud-native technology simple

Still asking yourself where to start? VirtusLab is well-versed in cloud-native technology. We help you understand the problem space and develop infrastructure and architecture technologies ideal for your organisation.

Use Cloud-native infrastructure as code

Use code to manage and deliver infrastructure instead of manual processes. Consider your infrastructure to be modular components that may be deployed to satisfy the individual needs of each project or component.

Streamline processes with cloud platform engineering

Build a platform that controls cloud costs and reduces development overheads. Allow your team to focus on adding value and improving customer experience instead of service management and monitoring.

Reduce lead time to production

Improve the chances of success for your business by reducing lead times. Use our cloud infrastructure knowledge and leverage VirtusLab’s technology stack to help your development teams deliver to your customers faster.

Cloud native offering

Cloud-native engineering expertise

Here are the ways you can work with us to overcome the challenge of cloud-native complexity.

We can support you in all stages of the software product lifecycle. Go check out Virtuslab’s cloud-native operations capabilities.

Embrace modern and flexible ways of working. Navigate and stay on top of the advances happening in the cloud-native ecosystem. Understand how to stimulate growth within your developer community with our support.

Learn how cloud control interfaces work, how to overcome incompatibilities, and how to update these systems. Access an enabling team to assist your developers overcome obstacles and detect missing capabilities.

Focus on business value rather than learning the complex models used in the cloud, security, and high availability requirements. Put a baseline standard for infrastructure in place so that others in your organisation will benefit too.

The tech we trust

We constantly assess and test new cloud-native technologies so you can avoid the pitfalls. These are the technologies we put our trust in…

Application languages such as Go, Python and Rust.
Infrastructure as Code solutions including Terraform, Pulumi and Ansible.
Cloud providers: Azure, AWS and GCP.
GitOps from Azure DevOps, ArgoCD, Helm and others.
Security including HashiCorp Vault and Azure KeyVault.
Observability using tools such as Splunk, Grafana and Prometheus.
Orchestration from well-known names including Kubernetes, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Google Anthos.