Streamlining communication and productivity with a single tool for 500k employees worldwide

Observability Infrastructure:
React, Single SPA, PWA, React Native, Expo, Fela, Vite, RxJS, Node.js

Our client, a world leading retailer, aimed to unify and streamline the communication between offices in various geographical locations to optimise costs and productivity. The solution was a worldwide, unified in-house platform to enable self-service for their employees, regardless of their level of technical know-how. In cooperation with VirtusLab, the client managed to reduce the paperwork and shorten company processes, resulting in an increase of employee productivity. The so called one-stop-shop-platform decreased their operational costs by millions of pounds per year.

The Challenge: Disparate Third-Party Solutions for Geographic Operations

The retailer needed to maintain multiple third-party solutions in each geographic region, all responsible for the same centrally defined processes. The third-party applications lacked geographical overlap, scalability, and customisation. Moreover, they didn’t adhere to the retailer’s strict corporate identity guidelines and limited accessibility for around 500,000 employees. The client reached out to VirtusLab to enable its employees to handle daily tasks, scheduling and self-manage their team-member account within the company with a single tool.

The Solution: Unifying retail operations with an enterprise micro frontend platform

VirtusLab’s team built a large-scale Micro Frontend platform containing 20+ applications based on the top-notch technology stack of TypeScript, React, SingleSPA, that is easy to maintain, scale, and designed with security standards in mind. One Stop Shop was released on multiple delivery platforms, from web applications to iOS and Android, adhering to the retailer’s corporate identity guidelines. This was made possible by the use of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) and hybrid mobile concepts, combined with the Enterprise Micro Frontend architecture.

Results: A better collaboration between geographic locations

The highly accessible and scalable tool connected half a million employees and enabled a better collaboration between geographic locations. Additionally, the retailer gained:


Cost reduction: Process automation means less paperwork and fewer hours spent on manual tasks


Increased productivity: Fill scheduling gaps with self-service capabilities and a working time marketplace


Instant & unified communication strategy: The client can quickly and easily inform and lead its employees


Adoption: 50k unique employee logins per day


High availability & scalability: 12m+ requests handled weekly and 20+ transactions per second


Reduced maintenance of legacy software by increasing development experience: 10+ engineering teams involved in maintaining and building new features, fully independent & concurrent process