micro.sphere.it #5 – Cloud-native

Join Cloud-native specialists during the fifth micro.sphere.it meeting and hear about their latest work hacks and lessons learned!


Cloud-native services at VirtusLab

The cloud-native services approach opens the way for flexible and scalable modern applications. At VirtusLab we introduce, design and implement world-class cloud infrastructures, continuous integration & delivery pipelines, immutable cloud-native systems (hybrid, on-premise). Our competencies range from helping small teams to build seamless infrastructure to helping with large-scale cloud transformations to building entire cloud-native platforms.

A short time ago, we also launch our new product – Jenkins Operator Service – which is a cloud-native Jenkins platform for scalable and cost-effective continuous integration in the public cloud. 

Our recent Microsoft Gold Level Partnership in the Azure cloud platform and data analytics marks VirtusLab’s long term commitment to helping our customers with large scale cloud transformation projects.

micro.sphere.it #5 

All in all, this micro.sphere.it couldn’t be about any other area – this time we will put a spotlight on #cloud-native computing. The event will be hosted online on Wednesday, December 9 at 5:30 PM, register for free!

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On the agenda:

1) Thinking Stateful Serverless – Bringing the Power of Akka to Serverless by Leon Stigter


As developers, we all want to be more productive. Serverless helps you do just that, by letting you focus on the business logic while shifting operations somewhere else. As more companies discover this emerging technology, we also discover drawbacks like state management. In this session, we’ll focus on what serverless is, how it helps developers, what potential drawbacks exist, and how we can add state management into serverless.

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2) A journey from OSS project to fully-fledged product on Azure Marketplace by Bartek Antoniak


Hear the story behind Jenkins Operator Service (JOS), a cloud-native Jenkins platform for scalable and cost-effective continuous integration in the public cloud. Starting from the OSS project to partnership with Microsoft Azure, we will discuss the most relevant steps of this project: the community adoption, how we’ve managed to join the official Jenkins CI org, the road towards GA, as well as packaging everything on Azure Marketplace. We will walk through high-level steps, pain points to results – product overview and roadmap to future improvements.

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Join us on December 9th for:

  • 1:1 networking opportunities, 
  • knowledge-packed talks with q&a sessions 
  • discussion panel with micro.sphere.it specialists.


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Karolina Hojka Dec 7, 2020