Meet us there! Tech events we’re attending in March [12.03 UPDATE]

Taking the current coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic situation very seriously, we decided to postpone/run remote our events in March. Most international conferences also had been canceled/rescheduled. See our update below.



WHEN: 3-5.03
WHAT: International Trade Fair Packaging and Packaging Techniques

This is the 5th edition of the key Central European event for the packaging industry. The Warsaw Pack trade fair consists of 6 thematic zones like packaging techniques, labelling and printing, automation, e-commerce. Such an event cannot be skipped by us – as the owner and manufacturer of the Nexelem system. In a nutshell, it’s a software supporting producers in automatic, multi-stage production planning and adjusting production plans in real-time. If you want to know more about this innovative solution then meet us at our Warsaw Pack booth!


WHEN: 5.03
WHERE: Community Hub Kraków
WHAT: Meetup

This time Kraków Cloud Native Group (part of the VL’s community) is organizing a meetup with Alban – CTO & co-founder of Kinvolk. He has a particular interest in integrating BPF into Kubernetes. He’s a maintainer of the gobpf library and has worked on software in the cloud space, recently using Inspektor Gadget and Traceloop. It’s a tool for tracing system calls in cgroups or in containers using in-kernel Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) programs. Among others, Alban will show how it is integrated with Kubernetes via Inspektor Gadget.

Join us there!



WHEN: 12.03
WHERE: The venue is to be confirmed
WHAT: Meetup / Scala Hackathon

Another event from the Kraków Scala User Group, that is a part of the community managed by VirtusLab. This time we’re organizing a short hackathon to convince more people to start working on the Open Source projects and, especially, on the quite niche but satisfying domain which is the tooling and libraries development. You will be able to start a journey with a couple of interesting projects, including Metals – a Language Server Protocol implementation for Scala language maintained by Scala Center and VirtusLab.

For more information and registration go here.


[NEW DATE: 8-10 OCTOBER, 2020]

WHEN: 19-21.03
WHERE: Adgar Ochota Training Centre, Warsaw
WHAT: Scala Conference & Workshops

The 7th edition of the Scalar brings a lot of news. The organizers had decided to change the formula of the event – this year there will be 3-day workshops about functional programming. Modestly speaking, we rock in the Scala programming so that’s obvious that our team will be represented at this event. We invite you to join our colleague’s workshop titled “Getting work done with Monix”. Together with Łukasz Biały & Piotr Gawryś you will explore Monix – one of the most mature functional libraries for concurrency in Scala.


[NEW DATE: 5-6 OCTOBER, 2020]

WHEN: 23-24.03
WHERE: Golden Floor Tower, Warsaw
WHAT: SegFault Workshops & Lectures

SegFault conference in the University formula, i.e. lectures and workshops. 6 main topics, among them backend technologies (Java, Kotlin, Scala), frontend (JS), architecture, ML or DevOps.
We are proud that three of our employees will share their knowledge about:

Konrad Jakubiec – Modeling of time-controlled domain events

Krzysztof Kruczyński – Lambda-driven business domains

Krzysztof Kruczyński & Szymon Gąsienica-Kotelnicki – A functional approach to complex business domains

Useful hint: Early Birds ticket only until March 12th!



WHEN: 25.03 (6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.)
WHERE: Join us online here
WHAT: Meetup

Another event from the Data Science Rzeszów group, that is a part of the community managed by VirtusLab. This time we invite you to listen to two speeches. The first dedicated to the magical world of storytelling with data will be hosted by Monika Kuszczak (Deloitte). Then, guided by Grzegorz Gawron (VirtusLab), we will take a look at a very specific problem of mapping GPS points to road networks and go through a few approaches to show that certain implementations are better than others by a few orders of magnitude, translating to savings in resource usage and gains in business usability.

For more information go here.



WHEN: 31.03
WHERE: Linz, Austria
WHAT: Europe’s TypeScript Community Conference

We feel very contented about sponsoring TSConf:EU 2020, the first conference for the European TypeScript community. Highly experienced speakers from all over the world, interesting lectures and a chance to meet the TS community in person! Share the ideas, discuss, make new friends and… talk with VL’s buddies who are working with frontend technologies on a daily basis.



WHEN: 30.03-2.04
WHERE: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
WHAT: KubeCon + CloudNative Conference

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon is a flagship conference from The Cloud Native Computing Foundation. This is an event for gathering IT professionals and leaders across the world to share their expertise, discuss emerging trends and making a great place to network – all focused on cloud-native technologies (Kubernetes, Prometheus, and many more). As we use cloud technologies in our daily work we couldn’t miss the opportunity for our employees to be there!

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Natalia Romanowska Mar 2, 2020