Karolina Hojka
Karolina Hojka Jan 27, 2020

8 reasons to give working at VirtusLab a try!

Finding the work environment of your dreams in the IT industry isn’t easy, right? Switching between corporations and startups is probably not what you are looking for in the long run. What works for you is the challenging environment helping you grow as a professional? Or you might be rather changing your perspectives on development? Or is it an exciting project you are constantly looking for, together with cutting-edge tools and technologies? And, last but not least, maintaining work-life balance would be nice as well, huh? Whatever the reason, we really think that applying for a job at VirtusLab could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Here is a handful of reasons why.

We make it YOU-friendly

What if you decide to turn your cosy living room into your office one day? Not a problem for us. Waking up late? As far as we know it’s healthy. Working in the evenings – we’ll make sure you get to do so with ease. We offer flexible hours because we know that modern life is busy and each of us needs something different – one might be most productive in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, while another can’t call it a day without a little friend from their friends from the office. You get to choose your work environment because you know yourself best.

We care about you

We provide a private benefit – health insurance. We’re also happy to provide fitness memberships (Benefit system) to help you enjoy sports activities, as well as in-house stretching sessions. We provide fruits, nuts and more of your favourite tasty treats. We give you with the possibilities, the rest is in your hands. If healthy is too much, we run gossip pizza events regularly to stay up-to-date with your co-workers and projects. There’s also a table football, Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, comfy swings for you to relax. What’s not to like?

We are the team

We put a lot of effort into maintaining a happy, friendly atmosphere within the team. Team-work, team-fun, team-building, we got it covered. We do stand-ups, meetups, integrations. We spend quality time playing games, participating in workshops, or enjoying delicious food and beverages (of different sorts). Twice a year, around Christmas and in the summer, the entire company gets together for a company retreat, with plenty of entertainment, memorable gifts (such as cool VirtusLab-themed socks), and team fun!

We are the community

We’re also big fans of the tech community. It’s a VirtusLab’s foundation and we do our best to give back to the community. We are the founding sponsor of 9 local tech groups. We organize internal courses, workshops, presentations, webcasts. We also encourage team members to share their knowledge with the rest of the world during foreign meetups and conferences.

Tools? We got them

You don’t have to worry about your hardware – it’s appropriate for your job description, with lots of peripheral devices. Our Office Management crew will make sure you have everything you need, including comfortable workstations. Plus we’ve built ergonomic environments with plenty of options (e.g. standing desks). We are aware that effective work also depends on the quality of the tools you use. Our toolset has been chosen and approved by the team, and we welcome suggestions on how to improve it further. For daily work on projects, we use JIRA/ Trello /Slack /Google Meet /GitHub and many more!

We support you and your choices

Long story short – it’s not a problem if you bring your dog with you (yup, we have a friendly welsh corgi named Marvel visiting us from time to time), plan to grow a sustainable garden with your co-workers or if your dream is to make a career shift – VirtusLab is here to support your choices. Depending on the project, we’ll do our best to figure out what the next step towards your goal is. When you find something new that you’re passionate about, talk to us, it’s always better to take steps than to nothing of what makes you happier.

We love to share

We invest heavily in knowledge sharing, both externally and through internal initiatives. We organize internal workshops and meetups, give the team opportunities to share knowledge as bloggers or speakers at various events, and we encourage a wide variety of R&D projects. New initiatives are often followed by presentations, both to help the team understand each others’ work, and because we never miss an opportunity to learn. We also run an annual conference
We make sure that those who want to learn, receive as much support as possible. Altogether, it’s a lot of potential for personal and professional growth.

We make it clear

We are proud we created a fair, transparent environment that gives opportunities for personal growth, a promotion and a pay rise, no matter what the team member’s starting point is. We talk a lot about the team because it’s one of the core values of our working culture. Before you decide on a job at VirtusLab, you can check your progression opportunities and pay grade with our HR crew. Once you start work here, you can ask us about anything.

Not that bad, huh? For more details, check out our recruitment handbook or drop us an email at! We look forward to hearing from you!

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