Optimise production processes & reduce costs based on real-time data

VirtusLab assists you in accelerating the manufacturing process, identifying bottlenecks and responding quickly in any situation. A tailored software gives you an edge in a highly competitive market, especially when legacy systems are in place. Check out what we have to offer below.

Stable connection with legacy systems

Our solution helps you to integrate incompatible legacy structures into a solid and smart manufacturing ecosystem. We empower machine-to-machine communication with customised REST and SOAP APIs.

Scalable software with custom development

Choose what production stage you need to manage with software. We identify your pain points and deliver a custom solution for your specific business needs. Based on ready-to-go modules, we are able to speed up the implementation process by up to 60%, depending on the technology you use.

Real-time transparency for customer satisfaction

Keep your customers in the loop about their purchase order and the production process in real-time. Let them know when they may expect their order and build trust in your brand through transparency.

Fast implementation with dedicated service

Our engine enables you to deploy your customised software quickly and effortlessly, because of our experience and pre-implemented logic. We identify your unique business needs and tailor the essential modules to meet them.

Cloud native engineerin

Simple use with custom user interface

Achieve your goals faster and more effectively with an intuitive software that is simpler to use than other available systems on the market. We customise the user interface to fit your organization’s standards and manufacturing needs.

Effortless supply chain management

Create a lean manufacturing process to avoid manufacturing delays. Shorten lead times by ordering commodities based on production plans and actual demand. Ensure the availability of materials and recalculate commodity requirements on the fly.

Steady EDI messages for data transfers

Use EDI messages that are quick and reliable for data transfers like production manifests and self-billing invoices. Establish methods that streamline your production and save you time by integrating reliable communications between you and your company partners.

Reliable production coordination

VirtusLab provides you with modern software that outperforms historically competitive systems. As a result, you coordinate your whole production process from order to delivery with precise data from stock, production and the shop floor.

What you get

A customised implementation of our core engine modules. Take advantage of VirtusLab’s experience and speed up implementation. Choose your most important areas within your manufacturing process, and VirtusLab tailors software to meet your needs.

Scalable lean manufacturing software