Harness the full potential of Scala

Take control of complexity and gain the benefits of Scala. Reduce architecture and design-related problems so your developers can work more efficiently and avoid wasting time endlessly fixing issues. Help your organisation make swift adjustments whenever new business requirements arise.

High-performance architecture design

Allow VirtusLab’s Scala professionals to assist you in developing solid and modern system architecture foundations for your projects. Save development time while ensuring superb usability in each project’s codebase.

Benefit from Scala’s ecosystem

Scala’s ecosystem is vast. It takes months to map everything, so having an experienced explorer at your side is a must. We can assist you in locating the technology you seek and tell you how it fared in our evaluation process and in a variety of production environments.

Shaping Scala now and in the future

Scala services from VirtusLab are provided by the same team that created Scala. Our Scala specialists work closely with Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala, who is a member of VirtusLab’s external board of advisors.

Combining Scala with other disciplines

Scala services work seamlessly with the other development disciplines from VirtusLab, including UX, frontend, testing, DevOps and data engineering.

Scala project engineering

Scala is widely used by businesses for scalable, high-availability product implementations. Regardless of how ambitious or complex your project is, having an expert team of highly skilled, seasoned engineers will assure consistent progress.

Migration from Scala 2 to Scala 3

Get help from experienced engineers who have transitioned numerous codebases to Scala 3. With migration support, you can be confident that the migration will go smoothly and without major delays. In addition, support for your code during migration is offered at no cost. Learn more about migration here.

Scala developer efficiency platforms

Scala engineers aren’t as productive as they could be without a decent developer environment. So, create a tailored development environment and devote more time to the things that really matter to your company.

Scala 3 support subscription

We support organisations to deliver ambitious Scala 3 projects simply and reliably. Handle resource and knowledge shortages when using Scala 3. Eliminate concerns that critical issues could become unmanageable. Learn more about Scala 3 support here.

The knowledge, expertise and skills we bring

Scala is the optimal choice for scalable, high-availability projects.

Access top-level Scala knowledge and expertise across all technical disciplines, including:
  • Architecture
  • Compiler
  • Tooling
  • Libraries.
Each technological domain is brought together using VirtusLab’s unparalleled Scala engineering experience.
Scala services combine seamlessly with VirtusLab’s other technical fields such as:
  • Data solutions
  • Cloud-native infrastructure and architecture
  • Developer experience and tooling.