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WE'RE CURRENTLY looking for

Szlak 49, Kraków

Software Engineer Scala

We’re searching for engineers experienced with Scala / JVM and distributed systems. We work with (probably) the largest Scala codebase in the world. We deal with lots of large-scale challenges.

Szlak 49, Kraków

JavaScript (React) Engineer

We’re looking for an experienced React Dev who is experienced with JavaScript / ES6, has grounded knowledge in SPAs in general and React & understands typical SPA build pipelines and bundling tools.

Szlak 49, Kraków

Senior Java Engineer

We’re looking for a team player for a small, cross-functional team of Software Engineers responsible for building and maintaining microservices. Devops culture, 100% async Java 8 stack with polyglot persistance, AWS as deployment target, CICD process in place.

Szlak 49, Kraków

Senior Big Data Software Engineer

We’re looking for experienced Big Data Software Engineer who is passionate about applications of big data (from data engineering to machine learning modelling) and has production experience with big data technology stacks as well as understands the problems and intricacies of highly scalable, data-driven, distributed applications.