Sphere.it Tech Talks #3 – Cloud & Observability
30.09.2021 at 18:00 GMT+2
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On September 30th, we’re coming back with the Tech Talks series to look closer at the topics related to Cloud & Observability. As always, prepare for a set of brief presentations from experts we invited to share their expertise. There will also be time for Q&A, discussion, and networking so make sure to save the date!

Event plan:

6:00 PM: Observability 2.0 with OpenTelemetryPrzemek Maciołek | Principal Engineer at Sumo Logic

6:30 PM: Automate Azure DevOps update with Azure Functions Menaka Basker | Senior Programmer at Kumaran System

7:00 PM: Auto-instrumentation of Prometheus For RED Monitoring With eBPF Harshitha Chowdary Thota | Software Development Engineer at Amazon, Bartek Plotka | Principal Engineer at Red Hat; CNCF TAG Observability Tech Lead

7:30 PM: Q&A

8:00 PM: Networking on Airmeet

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Ula Cempura
Ula Cempura Sep 10, 2021