Regain trust in automated insights & predictions

Accuracy plays a vital role in business forecasting and saves you valuable time. This is especially true for automated data processing of various data sources. VirtusLab understands the complexity of data. We simplify your decision-making process with custom-made data platforms. Regain your analytical and operational freedom with a self-serving and simple framework and create a long-lasting impact within your company.

Unify data on a global basis

Consolidate your data sources that vary in information and are hard to unify. VirtusLab helps you to create a single source of truth with custom data transformation pipelines that bind and structure complex data sets. Increase your company’s efficiency with custom end-to-end data platforms and data processing.

Unlock new insights & processes

Optimise existing processes or unlock new ones based on a data-driven approach. VirtusLab connects all your data silos for in-depth analysis and forecasting. Apply the knowledge hidden in your company’s data and create a long-lasting impact on your organisation.

Get fast & reliable data aggregation

Forget manual data cleansing and grouping. Instead of wasting time on data processing and aggregation, spend it on testing new models. VirtusLab creates reliable data pipelines that clean and structure data for you. Working on complete data sets translates into valuable insights and predictions for customers and the company.

Migrate to Hadoop, Spark, or a hybrid data lake

VirtusLab helps you find efficient ways to use your data. We help you migrate your data from a legacy to a modern system. Process big data in an on-prem Hadoop cluster using tools such as Spark, create more flexible ML pipelines in the cloud and mix these in a hybrid data lake solution.

Deliver ML models globally

VirtusLab creates custom data platforms or enriches existing ones, that enable you to implement machine learning models in many locations. We automate data processing and aggregation, as well as the monitoring of models and alerting of anomalies with reliable data pipelines. Run complex models at the same time for any data set.

Run ML models in minutes, not hours

Scale up your business with numerous concurrently running models. VirtusLab’s reliable pipelines and data aggregation optimize models for execution speed. Solve current issues faster and gain time to focus on relevant questions for optimisation. A custom approach allows VirtusLab to incorporate your technology already in place.

Test ML models with parallel hyperparameter tuning

Find the best configuration for your specific use case in a short amount of time and get accurate insights and predictions faster. Verify several versions of the same model with a different parameter setting simultaneously. A custom data platform lets you apply the same method for any data set and grouping.

Reduce maintenance costs

Find bugs during development instead of run-time. VirtusLab‘s expertise in type-safe languages, such as Scala and type-safe versions of popular Python libraries, enables you to spot bugs and eliminate errors faster. This translates into lower costs and reliable frameworks for your analytical and operational business needs.

What you get

VirtusLab is capable of creating any data platform you may need. A custom solution integrates with technologies and tools used within your organisation. We supply you with a trustworthy data platform that serves as a single source of truth. Our domain-driven design approach enables us to model data according to your custom business needs. We offer value with software engineering practices such as: version control, CI/CD alerting, observability, code reviews and type safety.

Cloud-native, On-prem Hadoop and Hybrid Data Lakes
Spark and software engineering expertise
Domain Driven Design
Both nested (ML) and flat (traditional reports) views on data
Self-served approach
Reliable and compile-time safe transformations
Automated verification
Parallel hyperparameter tuning