Data acquisition system in real-time monitoring

We provide a comprehensive data acquisition system consisting of special devices and software, that together enable the real-time monitoring and collection of data from the entire machine park.

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Data acquisition, microservices
The customer

A medium manufacturing company, undertaking the multi-stage, complex production of a wide variety, from highly individualized bespoke projects to mass production. The machine park can consist of various types of machines, from different vendors, they can be both new and old devices – there are no restrictions in the context of machines with which our system works.

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Answering industry problems

The problem we faced was data acquisition from various machines – each device has a different technical specification, one provides the possibility of downloading data via the API, the other may not (this is often the case with old hardware). Also, the challenge was the scale, variety, and amount of data to be analyzed, with the lack of a system enabled to collect and analyze data in real-time.

To cope with all of these aspects, we have created a solution that involves acquiring data using microservices and industrial IoT.

Manufacturers need a solution that helps them integrate physical production environments with intelligent software systems more effectively. We have developed a dedicated device and advanced software solution to monitor the production hall in real-time.
Arkadiusz Głuszyk
Arkadiusz Głuszyk
Senior Software Engineer | Team Lead
The solution overview

VirtusLab’s team creates a complete data-acquisition solution. As for measuring and visualizing data, our system provides production processes control and enables appropriate action to be taken in response to given parameters to optimize processes.

We can use any sensors and mounted them as an external installation, which allows us to monitor any real object. So the customer can freely choose what parameter they would like to measure and from which machines to collect the signals.

Data acquisition is enabled by sensors that are connected to the device created by our team. They are universal – we can collect data from various sensors and different information is gathered about the state of production machines.
Sebastian Pracuch
Sebastian Pracuch
Head of Product
The result – an economically viable solution

We provide a comprehensive data acquisition system consisting of special devices and software, that together enable the real-time monitoring and collection of data from the entire machine park, from machines of different types and various vendors.

Based on the real-time data about machines’ work, it is possible to analyze and report, e.g. how many materials were used for production, what is the final output, etc. It also allows the client to detect and determine how and when the machine was working or constantly inform managers about production problems, like downtime. Control over the machine park can also take place during the absence of managers in the production hall – our system enables remote real-time monitoring of machine work (e.g. from home).

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Business benefits

The ability to choose any sensor and connect it to any production device according to customer needs.


Our devices can also be connected to old equipment (instead of costly hardware replacement).


In-house and remote real-time monitoring of machine work.


Collecting large amounts of valuable data about production.


Knowledge and ability to act on the basis of real data, not on guesses – rational and financially profitable decisions thanks to data collected by sensors.


General or detailed information about the work of the entire machine park, depending on current needs.

Who can also benefit?

Our real-time acquisition of data can take place not only in the production hall. It can be broadly used, e.g. sensors for checking air quality, real-time monitoring of buildings, etc. In addition, the system enables monitoring of one machine with many parameters as well as many devices, for instance, in geographically dispersed locations. We offer one management base for the entire company, which can manage machine parks in various places.

VL’s team has created a solution that is scalable and universal – contact us and we will definitely be able to adapt it to your requirements as well!

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