CustomerThoughts – advanced semantic text analysis

CustomerThoughts assists in listening to customer feedback from different sources, including social networks, and provides the means to react accordingly.

Advanced semantic text analysis identifies and clusters emerging problems, suggestions or questions. In the next step, alerts are sent to business users as soon as possible, enabling them to take appropriate action, protect the brand image and increase customer satisfaction.

Start listening

With CustomerThoughts you are able to quickly respond to your customers’ needs and problems with social platforms.

The solution

CustomerThoughts is a tool that helps you manage customer opinions and provides the means to react accordingly. Managing information with the help of our advanced semantic data analysis and automated classification into problems, questions and suggestions makes identifying problems with products or services easier. Respond and promote customer engagement to increase customer satisfaction and sales, as well as improve a brand’s social recognition.

Advanced semantic text analysis identifies new problems or questions and alerts users as soon as possible – whenever something important is happening we will let you know.

Rafał, Head of the Team