Karolina Jaworek
Karolina Jaworek Feb 20, 2020

VirtusLab with Forbes Diamond

We are proud to announce that VirtusLab has once again won the Forbes Diamonds title!

Since 2015, the Forbes Polska magazine has been organizing a special “Forbes Diamonds” ranking, which awards the most dynamic Polish companies. Analysts valued enterprises from various industries, using the well-known “Swiss method” (it combines the asset and income methods – learn more here). The winners are divided into three categories according to sales revenues in the last accounting year: small companies, medium-sized companies, and large ones.

The dynamics of the development of VirtusLab and its effectiveness on the market have been appreciated once again.

We are honored that our joint work has been noticed and valued. A big round of applause for all of our employees who made it happened!

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Karolina Jaworek
Karolina Jaworek