Thoughts about Scala Days 2018 Berlin

Last year’s Scala Days brought a lot of exciting news for the Scala community.


Last year’s Scala Days brought a lot of exciting news for the Scala community.

First – a roadmap for Scala 3 was the topic of opening keynote by Martin Odersky and Adriaan Moors. Directions in which language will evolve were revealed and explored in depth – new features, deprecations, tooling changes, and migration paths were all touched and it really seems that there’s a reasonable plan to alleviate the pains of major language version bump. Conference talks during the next two days touched every facet of development in Scala – new stuff coming to Lightbend stack was presented in form of Akka Typed and Akka roadmap talks, tooling made an appearance in presentations about work done on sbt 1.x and sbt native packager plugin, existing and incoming language features were discussed in talks regarding kind polymorphism and literal types. Purely functional programming ideas were also presented in several talks regarding category theory, functional interpreters and also, surprise, functional take on machine learning. One particularly interesting and exciting talk presented by Vojin Jovanovic of Oracle Labs described performance gains coming from running scala compiler using GraalVM.

Conference attendees were also able to meet industry leaders like Audi or Morgan Stanley who use Scala in production and wanted to share their experiences. Audi team members, Christina Stamm, and Christian Raimann, presented how they use Spark and Scala to optimize manufacturing process in Audi’s factories and push the limits of efficiency. Morgan Stanley’s Gjeta Gjyshinca and James Belsey revealed in-house platform used to implement highly scalable referentially transparent systems using innovative runtime capable of distributing workloads and caching computation results across the cluster.

It was extremely gratifying to see how Scala and its ecosystem grew and what Future[A] holds for it. It was also very pleasing to meet community leaders, open source authors and maintainers, long time colleagues and new friends. We were glad to be there as a Gold Sponsor and we’re already excited for Scala Days 2019!

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Karolina Jaworek
Karolina Jaworek May 22, 2018