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Kasia Pytko Mar 27, 2020

The recruitment process we all long for

UPDATE: Taking the current coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic situation very seriously, we decided to conduct all recruitment interviews online. Despite the crisis, we are not slowing down – a bunch of job and internship offers await you at our website. We will carry out the entire process fully remotely, in accordance with the “stay home & stay safe” idea! However, we invite you to read below how our recruitment looks normally, as all of these stages will be covered also during the online process.

It happened. You made a decision to start looking for a new job. Many candidates identify it with a time-consuming and stressful process, which sometimes ends with the feedback that adds nothing (you don’t know why you were rejected) or even without any final response from the employer. Further, often recruitment processes, especially in the IT industry, are very confusing and candidates don’t know what exactly awaits them. But not with us! At VirtusLab we made our recruitment transparent and keep it as simple & tech as possible. Check what this adventure will look like!

Warm-up – you apply

You read about our company and had decided that what we’re doing is impressive. Then, you can either send us your resume, LinkedIn/GitHub profile or a portfolio – via app form, contact form or by mail We do not leave any candidate without a response. If someone does not fit the specific position but has potential, we are looking for a place in other teams or discuss it with our managers – maybe some role will just be opening. So hey, send us your application, for sure we will find something for you!

Chitchat – screen interview

During a quick online call, we want to get to know you better and discover your interests. This stage is not a test, but a conversation – we discuss your experience, solutions of given problems and concepts. If all of that is in line with what we expect and can offer, you will be invited to our company for the first f2f interview. Of course, the phone call is also a time to tell you more about VirtusLab and answer all your burning questions.

Valuable time for both sides – on-site interview

You will meet with a technical recruiter, i.e. an engineer experienced in a technology that interested you and who is a member of the project that you may join. More than the final result of the given task we want to see how you think and solve problems with which your future (hope so!) team is struggling in daily work. Of course, there are some algorithms and other basics, but which company does not check it? 😉 Some recruitments require also additional tasks related to system design (mainly architecture) or other problems to solve, which we gonna discuss with you after the meeting.

We hold the interview in our modern offices so you can feel the atmosphere of VL – comfy space, no dress code, games and even you may crash our dev talks!

And the Oscar goes to… – the final decision

After the f2f interview, if you fit the project and our culture, we organize a quick chat with one of your future VLeader. This stage is a great opportunity to learn more about the project, your future team and all perks & benefits we had prepared for you. It is crucial for us to give you time to make a conscious decision about joining VirtusLab.

Technical feedback

On average, the process lasts a month, but sometimes even shorter. You gonna be updated about what is going on with your candidacy after every step of our recruitment process. Most importantly, we will provide you with personalized feedback, regardless of the final outcome. Technical feedback is essential so you know what are your strengths, in which areas you should fill some gaps.

A common phenomenon in the labor market is not giving any feedback at all. Often, it takes a form of very short answer without showing any reason for refusal or no identifying strong & week points of your candidacy. According to Talentegy’s report, lack of feedback made as much as 63% of job seekers extremely dissatisfied. VirtusLab is proud to be in the group of companies that care about providing extended feedback to all candidates that attended our interviews. We believe that in the long run recruitment is not only to find the perfect employee but also to boost knowledge & skills of candidates that wouldn’t succeed the first time and to prepare them for future cooperation with us. Everyone deserves more than one chance, right?

Adventure time

The recruitment process is only the beginning of VL’s adventure but it’s a very important part of it. Trying to achieve the highest recruitment standards, we have prepared a process that from the candidate’s perspective is not very stressful and endless. At VirtusLab we make sure that our recruitment will be a valuable experience for you which helps to evaluate your skills. In the end, we are all human – our recruiters empathically approach the process cause they know that each of us was once on the other side when changing jobs.

We really appreciate the feedback from candidates about how they evaluate our recruitment. Based on this, we are constantly improving this process to make it the best experience for our candidates. So we encourage you – share your opinions with us!

If you think that the topic was not discussed at length, our wonderful Talent Acquisition Team is waiting for all your questions and… of course your application! A list of open positions can be found here. Let’s stay in touch!

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Kasia Pytko
Kasia Pytko