The Partnership Model

We started as a small Team and have grown over time, hired lots of excellent software talents, and opened new offices. We have worked on a wide range of projects and sponsored and organized conferences and meetups. We also continuously adjust to create a scalable, agile and fundamentally strong company.

This would not be possible without dedicated people. Some of them have been with us since the very beginning, others joined later, but all of them have had a great impact on business development, delivering the best possible service to customers and improving our day-to-day work. Many employees often go beyond the scope of their duties and, thanks to them, we are constantly improving!

To show my appreciation, I’ve decided to introduce a partnership model, which is more than just an employer-employee relationship. All partners are equal and, while still involved in their projects, work on the strategic growth of the company and are fully aware of the direction we are heading in.

All partners have the power to initiate and execute ideas, depending on current needs. This may even involve developing a new business unit or initiating new projects. This is a significant commitment, but the reward is a % share in the company’s total revenue. I personally get satisfaction from making things happen as this is a reward in itself that is sometimes more precious than money, which tends to come and go.

And here comes an important part: the group of partners is open and every VirtusLab team member has a chance to join. All partners were once new employees so, regardless of the starting point, this path is open to all working at VirtusLab.

Currently VirtusLab partners are:

  • Jan Paw,
  • Krzysztof Romanowski,
  • Michał Pociecha,
  • Mikołaj Kromka,
  • Paweł Dolega,
  • Piotr Kukiełka.


Rafał Pokrywka, CEO.