Forbes Diamond 2022 awarded to VirtusLab again

We are in first place in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship!

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Going hybrid: Meet the future of work!

A flexible, hybrid model at VirtusLab is not just a selling point but a real work model that benefits our employees and customers.

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Get to know better #VLteam! – The Address Team

Meet the Address Team responsible for storing and providing information about all kinds of addresses, wherever our client (a top global retailer) delivers orders.

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Get to know better #VLteam! – The Data Team

In this article, we want to shed some light on how we work in the Data Space and how we managed to use our Scala experience to become proficient in Apache Spark and extend our capabilities to Python and Machine Learning over the last couple of years.

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Another office in Cracow!

We are proud to announce that due to our constant business growth, we added a new great office location in the Cracow area!

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The new office in Rzeszów – settle down here for good!

#VLteam is growing fast and so do our Rzeszów team!

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Get to know better #VLteam! – The Location Team

We are starting a cycle that describes our great teams and devs standing behind them. They create & engineer the best software, helping our customers grow faster. They work hard to push the frontier of technology and improve their efficiency. They are up to date with the newest trends and are actively shaping the future of software engineering. They are ambitious, self-motivated, and are experts in their domain areas.

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We give back to the community. How & why we support local tech communities?

At VirtusLab we realize how important is to share knowledge and exchange experience, especially between the nearest tech community. That’s why we collaborate with local universities, run meet-up groups, workshops, trainings and once a year organize a big IT conference. We also contribute to open source projects by creating various tools that improve developers’ daily work.

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All about mountains at VirtusLab

You may wonder what is going on with this mountain’s theme at VirtusLab. Pic of mountains at the website, our gadgets, logo referring to the summit. Is there a story behind it? Well, it is. We’re revealing what is up with this mountain madness!

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How to rock tech events?

We realize how important it is to share knowledge and exchange experience. That’s why we actively launch initiatives, found meet-up groups, support and organize #tech conferences, recently online. Even a lockdown can’t hold us back!

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