The new office in Rzeszów – settle down here for good!

#VLteam is growing fast and so do our Rzeszów team!

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We give back to the community. How & why we support local tech communities?

At VirtusLab we realize how important is to share knowledge and exchange experience, especially between the nearest tech community. That’s why we collaborate with local universities, run meet-up groups, workshops, trainings and once a year organize a big IT conference. We also contribute to open source projects by creating various tools that improve developers’ daily work.

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All about mountains at VirtusLab

You may wonder what is going on with this mountain’s theme at VirtusLab. Pic of mountains at the website, our gadgets, logo referring to the summit. Did we just choose random stack photos for no reason? Or maybe there is a story behind it? Well, it is. We’re revealing what is up with this mountain madness!

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How to rock tech events?

We realize how important it is to share knowledge and exchange experience. That’s why we actively launch initiatives, found meet-up groups, support and organize #tech conferences, recently online. Even a lockdown can’t hold us back!

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All you need to know about Research and Development at VirtusLab

If you want to drive growth in your company Research & Development activities are the answer. This idea is rooted in VirtusLabs’ culture, it plays an integral role in the development of our innovative products. We can proudly admit that our R&D process is not just a selling point, but a thriving initiative.

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The recruitment process we all long for

UPDATE: Taking the current coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic situation very seriously, we decided to conduct all recruitment interviews online. Despite the…
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Go remote! Stay home & stay safe!

We work from home in times of COVID-19 coronavirus Right now, when the new COVID-19 coronavirus is quickly spreading across…
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Our team is now over 150 strong!

Yes, it has happened and this is great news: VirtusLab now has over 150 team members and this is the strongest Team you’ve ever seen!

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The Partnership Model

We started as a small Team and have grown over time, hired lots of excellent software talents, and opened new offices.

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