CodeTale – a solution for discussing your code & browsing discourses

CodeTale is our new R&D project focusing on creating a solution for discussing your code and browsing discussions from PRs directly in your IDE of choice. Think about it as a chat or documentation system tied to your code in a smart way.

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Context Buddy – the tool to revolutionize devs’ workflow

Imagine that - you have just joined a project with legacy code. Or you found yourself with no exact knowledge…
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All you need to know about Research and Development at VirtusLab

If you want to drive growth in your company Research & Development activities are the answer. This idea is rooted in VirtusLabs’ culture, it plays an integral role in the development of our innovative products. We can proudly admit that our R&D process is not just a selling point, but a thriving initiative.

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How to drive growth in an IT environment?

The last years have seen an explosive adoption of new technologies, which continues to change and improve our lives. The dynamically developing IT market presents us with a new challenge to invent, create and implement newer and newer solutions. “Creating technology” is now a trendy slogan proudly promoted by companies that took care of constituting special Research & Development activities. What’s the big deal about that?


Research & Development space to drive growth

We take risks and create stuff to solve real problems; this is part of our philosophy and it finally has a regular framework – our R&D space.

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