How to evaluate cloud-native technology and build trust

This article presents cloud-native solutions that successfully passed evaluation and how you can evaluate cloud-native technology yourself.

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How do we interview for Cloud Engineering positions?

We are VirtusLab – a rapidly developing software engineering company. We offer services spanning from cloud infrastructure to reactive systems and data science. We also invest in R&D and provide substantial support to the IT community by organising conferences, meetup groups, and contributing to open source efforts.

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VirtusLab career guide: How to get started in Cloud Engineering

When kicking off a new career path, we often find ourselves asking: how do we take the first step? Where do we find the resources to deep dive into the topic? What tools are the most useful? At this stage, guidance from people experienced in the field can be a great help.

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Migrating a gigantic financial system to 20,000 pods in the cloud.

The initial requirements were quite straightforward. Well… it turned out there was much much more to it.

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Join Cloud-native specialists during the fifth meeting and hear about their latest work hacks and lessons learned!

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Adopting Inner Sourcing at Scale

This blog post covers mostly a summary of the significant amount of time spent with the team to help the company drive its large-scale Azure cloud transformation.

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Meet us there! Online tech events we’re attending in June

Summer is getting closer and with it our next events, which we are running online due to the coronavirus situation. Stay safe at home & enjoy the opportunity to expand your knowledge!

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I read ThoughtWorks Technology Radar vol.20 so you don’t have to

I decided to do an analysis of the current edition of Technology Radar and present to you the conclusion that…
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Advent of Code 2018 — Day 2 — Clojure REPL

How to solve Advent of Code 2018 — Day 2 puzzles
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