Sygnity – an information portal for an industry leader

Sygnity is an industry leader that has been continuously operating on the Polish IT market for the last 25 years.

The customer

Sygnity offers a complete range of IT services for large and medium enterprises and public administration institutions.

We worked with Sygnity to deliver an information portal called “Registry of Social Assistance Units” – RJPS.

This is a portal for accessing up-to-date information about places where citizens can get help related to social problems. For social assistance unit employees, it is a place where they can publish all relevant information for beneficiaries. On a management level, it helps with creating and coordinating social policies.

The solution

Our team worked exclusively on the Portal part and delivered the whole solution to the customer. We handled the project holistically – from design to delivery to ongoing support and maintenance. From a technological perspective, we used Scala and Liferay.