Scala Experts

Scala Experts

We bring years of experience in Scala Programming Language and Typesafe Reactive Platform to help in building reactive, distributed, scalable and data processing applications. Our expertise is proven by our work in core components of Scala ecosystem. We have been the first Typesafe, Inc. consulting partner in this part of Europe.

Knowledge of software development lifecycle and agile methodologies allows us to deliver the work in an effective manner and adapt to every team structure. We are flexible when it comes to the type of contract whether it’s in agile or outsourcing model.

We build solid and lasting partnership relations and take serious care of data security and confidentiality via legal and IT security means. In addition we are covered by Public Liability Insurance. All that is to provide top quality consulting and software development services.



VirtusLab has an exceptionally passionate and dedicated team of developers. Their work on ScalaIDE is a tremendous contribution to the ecosystem in an area that is often overlooked in the open-source space: development tools.

Iulian Dragoș
Tech Lead for Spark team
Typesafe, Inc.

Highly skilled and experienced professionals. They’ve been our trusted partner in a successful delivery of a large scale project to our client.

Peter Evison
Commercial Director
Cake Solutions LTD

Scala IDE

We cooperate with Typesafe, Inc. on the development of new releases of Scala IDE, with a great number of enhancements and features aimed at skyrocketing productivity of Scala developers. We are proud to be part of the team which has undertaken the great effort to build the IDE for the Scala Community.

Data Science & Engineering

Data Science & Engineering

Our academic background allows us to work on advanced projects in the field of Data Science, providing the means to get the most out of large sets of data. Valuable and actionable company data insights are key elements of competitive advantage these days. We have extensive domain knowledge about machine learning, classification systems, and artificial intelligence. Our skills in working with distributed & BigData processing tools such as Apache Spark allows us to design and engineer a complete working data processing solution.

Sample of our work:


CLUO extracts information from openly available data sources such as news sites, blogs, social networks, etc and analyzes it to discover links and data correlations and retrieve meaningful content. It makes use of recent developments in Computational Linguistics, combined with a Big Data processing chain to provide an advanced OSINT solution. read more

Semantic Framework

Semantic Framework is a library that provides easy to use large scale text analysis capabilities for retrieval of semantic information by using a combination of core Computational Linguistics technology, open-source tools (including Apache Lucene/SOLR) and a Big Data processing chain (based on Hadoop and Hbase)

Lean Software Solutions

Lean Software Solutions

We offer innovative, modern software systems for Companies that would like to improve the effectiveness of their business processes. Our systems help to gather information that is flying around and take the most out if by providing valuable insights. Grasping trends and dynamics of data allows one to cut costs and discover hidden data patterns, thus spawning new business opportunities.
We cover business analysis, architecture, design, implementation, deployment and maintenance of the whole system. In order to keep the costs as low as possible there is one more key element – that is integration with 3rd party and legacy systems that is as seamless as possible while providing gentle transition to new software systems.

Sample of what we have done:


Lemma is the state of the art solution that manages Manufacturers’ end-to-end business processes and significantly reduces production costs. It is a complex, modern Advanced Planning Solution with real time data gathering from the shop-floor with our own Industrial Internet of Things solution.  read more


Thetis is a system for handling business processes behind the Customer Assistance Center of Clico Sp. z o.o., one of the largest Polish value added distributors of network security software and hardware. The System has greatly streamlined handling support & warranty requests according to the Service Level Agreement purchased by the customer. read more

Idea Lab

Idea Lab

It’s a tough job to get an idea from its inception to a working software project. We’ve done that already and can help from a technological as well as business model perspective. We aim at jump starting software projects and shortening the feedback loop through building minimal viable product. Our academic background and cooperation with universities is an added value that helps to create innovative new products.

Some projects we helped with:

Historical Investor

Historical Investor is a Futures & Forex trading simulator that we have taken from concept to full-featured application. The tool teaches market mechanics and trading skills and allows users to fine-tune their strategy using real-life historical data, thus minimising losses when trading live.  read more


Facets is a project management, control and monitoring platform, used by several well-known brands in the cosmetics industry. It is designed to handle diverse domain models specific to each organisation. This built-in flexibility was the main challenge in the project. Additionally, the feature set includes an advanced faceted search and a range of visually appealing reports.


CustomerThoughts assists in listening to customer feedback from different sources, including social networks, and provides the means to react accordingly. Advanced semantic text analysis identifies and clusters emerging problems, suggestions or questions. read more

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