Sensinum is now part of VirtusLab!

Some happy news for everyone: as of November 6th, 2017 Sensinum has been merged into VirtusLab! We’ve been working together for a long time now and it naturally made sense to take this one last step. Together we recognized that taking advantage of all the synergies between us will speed up the process of building a better, stronger and fundamentally more effective company for the benefit of both teams. Sensinum brought to VirtusLab excellent front-end development skills and became the VirtusLab brand behind these services. We’ve also gained experienced, seasoned Business Development Team and HR specialist.

We have been growing fast over the last months, thanks to our Customers and Partners and having this new team of 16 on-board will help us achieve even more. This is already visible – You will also see that in the coming news too :). The goal is to build the best state of the art Software Technology Company covering all modern fields of Software Development.

As a CEO of VirtusLab, I’m really happy that Sensinum is now onboard. Welcome!

Rafał Pokrywka.