Senior Java Engineer

 | Szlak 49, Kraków

We’re looking for a team player for a small, cross-functional team of Software Engineers responsible for building and maintaining microservices.

DevOps culture, 100% async Java 8 stack with polyglot persistence, AWS as deployment target, CICD process in place.

What & how?

  • Microservices using Java 8 and (depending on the team) Groovy, Vertx, rxJava, various NoSQL and SQL data stores, messaging systems, containers
  • Asynchronous, non-blocking, event-driven architecture (event loop, reactive extensions)
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Test Driven Development, Behaviour Driven Development, various testing strategies in use (unit, integration, performance, smoke, semantic), testing pyramid
  • DevSecOps owning both application and cloud infrastructure (AWS) with automating by default attitude (infrastructure as code, immutable infrastructure)
  • High availability and low latency by default
  • Rapid delivery to the production of small changes (CI/CD, blue/green deployment, canary releases)
  • Impact on architecture, tooling, middleware, coding standards used to solve the problem
  • Professional tooling for monitoring, log aggregation, task and defect management, distributed source code management, automation available
  • Close cooperation with Product Manager to understand the vision, business value and impact your work brings
  • Quality at heart with regular code reviews and pair programming sessions
  • Agile approach (Kanban or Scrum depending on the team)
  • You’ve created it, you support and maintain it approach

Tech Stack

General: Java 10, Spock (Groovy), Kafka, Kafka Streams
Infrastructure: AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Bash, Python
Monitoring/Alerting: Splunk, Grafna, InfluxDB

We expect you to be…

  • Eager to learn, eager to share
  • Problem solver, not problem seeker
  • Team player
  • Engineer rather than a programmer
  • Fluent in Java 8
  • Able to develop high-quality code
  • Communicative in English, both written and verbal

Nice to have

  • Experience in designing and development of scalable, distributed, highly available applications
  • Experience in infrastructure development in the cloud environment
  • Experience in other JVM languages (Kotlin, Closure, Scala, Groovy)
  • Understanding of functional paradigm

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