Senior Big Data Software Engineer

| Szlak 49, Kraków

We’re looking for experienced Big Data Software Engineer who:

  • is passionate about applications of big data (from data engineering to machine learning modelling),
  • has production experience with big data technology stacks (eg Hortonworks),
  • has deep affection and understanding of Scala language OR willingness and drive to get there,
  • has grounded knowledge and understanding of data structures, algorithms, and distributed computing,
  • understands the problems and intricacies of highly scalable, data-driven, distributed applications.

We are not very much concerned with your formal education or any other formalism. We are concerned with your passion, knowledge, and experience.

This is not an entry-level position: we expect a proven professional experience.


The particular project we have in mind for the role is to make tons of data work for a world-famous client of ours. The scale allows – and is indeed planned – for applying machine learning pipelines, which you would be part of as well.

In general, though – we take on projects in various sectors (finance, e-commerce, software tools development, manufacturing, etc) and for customers around the world (usually outside of Poland in the UK, US, Dubai, Shanghai, Australia).

As a company, we are mostly focused on Lightbend technologies (Scala, Akka, Play, Spark), but there are exceptions. Often our projects are of unprecedented scale or complexity (including working with one of the largest Scala codebases in the world or applying custom modifications to the Scala compiler itself).

We are based in Cracow, Poland. We allow some sporadic remote work (usually 1 or 2 days a week), but the bulk of the work is to be done in our office with the rest of the team.

What to expect

We rely heavily on industry best practices and put a lot of emphasis on code quality, scalability, performance, availability, and robustness. We take these things very seriously.

In most of our projects:

  • we peer-review 100% of our code,
  • we use continuous integration and deployment,
  • we constantly test product performance to meet requirements,
  • we use tools for static code analysis,
  • we use and encourage contributing to open source projects.

We put emphasis on internal training. We even have a department which specializes in internal and external training. We also participate in and sponsor many technical conferences (both in Poland and abroad) and encourage employees to present speeches, run workshops or even become certified trainers. The professional growth of our team is an important part of our company culture.

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