Karolina Jaworek
Karolina Jaworek Sep 18, 2014

ScalaCamp #7

The 7th edition of ScalaCamp is launching on September 24th. It will be focused on the three main topics:

  • Slick 2.1 and a whiff of features in Slick 2.2 ( led by Stefan Zeiger),
  • Unicorn – a type-safe IDS library
  • Beholder – views library for Slick

It’s all worth listening as VirtusLab and Typesafe best speakers will lead the lectures about the mentioned topics.
In more details
Stefan Zeiger – the teach lead for Slick from Typesafe, will present all the news and changes made by the recently updated version of Slick 2.1 and some of the changes for 2.2.

Jerzy Müller– VirtusLab Scala specialist will discuss what the features of Unicorn open-source library are. Unicorn provides many useful features like type-safe IDs for your classes or ready to use service method, which allow you to code faster and better.

Krzysztof Romanowski – a talented Scala developer at Virtuslab wants to present Beholder-Play-Slick library for data aggregation (database views) and visualization.

At VirtusLab we are proud of developing Scala community in Kraków, as we are sponsoring Kraków Scala User Group and ScalaCamp events. Our goal is to raise public awareness about Scala ecosystem and such events like this are definitely making it possible.

ScalaCamp #7 takes place at Barka Alrina Map on Wednesday, September 24, 2014.

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Karolina Jaworek
Karolina Jaworek