ScalaCamp #5

5th ScalaCamp is already on Tuesday next week!. This time there will be talks by two core members of Scala team who both work for Typesafe:

  • Grzegorz Kossakowski – Scala compiler and tools hacker at Typesafe.
    Worldwide expert in compilers development and Scala internals.
  • Iulian Dragos – In charge of the Scala Eclipse plugin. Contributor to the Scala compiler and other development tools. A key member of Martin Odersky’s EPFL’s Scala team.

VirtusLab is a proud co-organizer ScalaCamp. We are happy we can add our brick in making Software Developers community in Krakow one of the best in the world!
We also would like to thank Typesafe, Inc. for devoting time of Typesafe experts to share their knowledge and Computer Science Department of University of Science and Technology in Krakow for providing the excellent venue.

We are Looking forward this event and also for next editions! See You there.