ScalaCamp and Scala Community

A few days ago we had ScalaCamp meetup with three interesting talks – check out the details at the SC#2 event page. It’s been already second meeting from the ScalaCamp series and we can gladly announce that there is more to come in the near future. It’s great to see so many software engineers interested in the Scala language, its capabilities, tools, frameworks and everything around. Scala business adoption is growing with more and more companies using it in production code and that is also great for everyone. The Team of VirtusLab has been supporting organization of ScalaCamps and Scala Community gathered around Krakow Scala User Group since the beginning (see our Initiatives).

I would like to invite everyone to join the community, learn a bunch of new things and share their knowledge and ideas with others. Thanks to everyone who have already done that: had presentations, gave ideas for future meetups, JUG members who helped in organization. Take a look at the list of people who have already helped us at SC#1 and SC#2.

See you at future meetups.