LambdaDays and ReactDay C4P

Announcing call for papers for the LambdaDays and ReactDay 2015!
ReactDay is the first event in Central Europe about Reactive Programming held on 27th of February with LambdaDays 2015 – a conference focused on functional programming that will be held from 26th to 27th of February.


Join a team of speakers using dedicated forms: LambdaDays CFP or this one tailored for ReactDay.

Last year’s success ensured us that such events brings a lot o value to the IT community and to VirtusLab. As a sponsor and co-organizer we would like to invite you to submit your talk for both events. Few months ago 26 speakers were listened by over 250 participants and for 2015 edition we’re coming back even bigger.

As of now we have identified 5 main areas our audience would love to hear about at LambdaDays, all of the connected to Functional programming paradigm:

  • Functional languages,
  • Software and system design,
  • Web programming,
  • Computation in functional technologies,
  • Applications and case studies.

During ReactDay, the topics should cover areas such as:

  • Reactive programming models and concurrency models,
  • Message driven systems,Responsiveness and failure handling,
  • Scaling out distributed systems,
  • Reactive design patterns,
  • Handling streams of data and events,
  • Testing and debugging will be presented.

The best speakers from around the world will talk about programming. Join us to make this conference even better!
For further information visit LambdaDays website and also take a look at We encourage everyone to follow official ReactDay twitter account and LambdaDays twitter account where frequent updates are published.

For convenience you can use even the form embedded below to submit the talk.