ReactDay 2015

As you may know, this Friday (27.02) launches ReactDay – the first event about Reactive Programming in Central Europe.

ReactDay is a very important part of LambdaDays conference. Insipred by The Reactive Manifesto we are hoping to achieve the same success.


During the conference, hundreds of attendands will learn about various programming aspects in an excellent atmosphere. Akka, Play, Scala and much more await you!

VirtusLab is proud to organize this event as it creates the possibility to meet prominent speakers, who will take their time to explain all the issues of their subjects. Among them, you will be able to meet Rúnar Bjarnason, Konrad Malawski and Jon Pretty.

We are confident that this event will be successful. All tickets are already sold out.

Just to remind you, the ReactDay conference will take place in Kraków, in the Department of Computer Science AGH University of Science and Technology – Building D17, Kawiory 21.

For any details, visit ReactDay homepage and LambdaDays.