Research & Development space to drive growth

We’ve been taking bold moves since the beginning, such as applying new technology in our products or realizing tech and business ideas.

We take risks and create stuff to solve real problems; this is part of our philosophy and it finally has a regular framework – our R&D space. Its main task is to turn ideas into the best possible solutions for us and our customers. Inspiration hits everyone from time to time, and every VirtusLab team member that comes up with an idea can work with R&D space to evaluate it and develop a PoC. This could result in a new internal or open-source project. It’s obvious that the author will be the natural product owner candidate. Within the R&D space we also work with leading universities to supervise student projects, organize special courses and even run joint projects.

The R&D team currently has 8 researchers, including 4 with a PhD and 5 certificated specialists. They will supervise the process and ensure that it makes sense.

Tomasz, Head of R&D

The R&D Space provides a platform for our team members to make the most of their ideas, encourage innovation in the interest of our customers, our company and the author, and provide sustained innovation and growth to build a strong VirtusLab!