Achieving Indisputable Job Security Using Novel Scala 3 Features: A Case Study

Scala 3 has been out for a while now, and since then, our devs have used its new features for many purposes. Learn about the most economically beneficial one in a post by our Scala Developer.


How a Little-Known Jackson Feature Helped Secure My Domain Code

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Forbes Diamond 2022 awarded to VirtusLab again

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How do we interview for Cloud Engineering positions?

We are VirtusLab – a rapidly developing software engineering company. We offer services spanning from cloud infrastructure to reactive systems and data science. We also invest in R&D and provide substantial support to the IT community by organising conferences, meetup groups, and contributing to open source efforts.

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VirtusLab among Business Gazelles 2021

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VirtusLab Announces Investment From Aquiline Capital Partners

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VirtusLab career guide: How to get started in Cloud Engineering

When kicking off a new career path, we often find ourselves asking: how do we take the first step? Where do we find the resources to deep dive into the topic? What tools are the most useful? At this stage, guidance from people experienced in the field can be a great help.

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Scheduling of industrial processes

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Ready for the fall edition of ScalaCon!

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Scala 3 and Spark?

After the release of Scala 3, one of the most common questions asked by developers was: “When will we be able to write Spark jobs using Scala 3?”. Up till now, the answer was: “Not yet” but everything changed after the release of Spark 3.2.0, which brought Scala 2.13 support.