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Karolina Hojka May 8, 2020 – It has always been about people & technology

We’re happy to have the most engaged community, that lets us prepare something special each year. Though these times are strange, we’re glad we’ll see you online way before this October.

It remains the same through the years: we look beyond the horizon to inspire IT people. The conference in its shape focuses on state-of-the-art technology and solutions to day-to-day developers’ problems. It’s an event that allows meeting inspiring tech people in person, gain experience, become acquainted with good practices during workshops, talks, and hackathons. At VirtusLab we decided to fully involve in organizing professional IT conferences and meetups to fully contribute to the tech community. It’s our mission and one of VL’s main ground. – a sneak peek

While we’re waiting for to be back, we’re happy to invite you to join our tech-oriented online sessions – – packed with regular conference talks and discussions, giving the community a unique sneak-peek of what we’re planning for this October. Meet leaders from tech user groups around the globe, languages’ contributors, as well as real technology rockstars, who will gather to discuss their everyday work, use-cases, and visionary projects for action-packed online events, dedicated to:

Take advantage of the expertise by leading IT industry practitioners and contributors. Get inspired by their stories and lessons learned – to make your coding approach even more effective. – #1 frontend engineering

Join our first online event on May Frontend engineering – a content-packed session with top-seniority experts in frontend development:

Feels like you can’t miss it?

For students, participating in micro.sphere is a fantastic opportunity to learn about current IT trends and meet the community. For specialists, it is a chance to increase competence in programming during coding sessions and networking. Above all, it is an opportunity to meet hundreds of people interested in what you’re, and an opportunity to grow and learn, maybe also to start a new cooperation. will welcome you online, in branded virtual rooms prepared not only for several hours of tech content but also for community binding talks and networking. is a place where the rubber meets the road – real-world problems, tradeoffs, and solutions. We’re happy to have the most engaged community, that lets us prepare something special each year. This year’s, above all, reminds us that the current difficult situation will pass someday and that we are all in this together!

Natalia Romanowska, Event & Community Manager

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Karolina Hojka
Karolina Hojka