Karolina Jaworek
Karolina Jaworek Sep 16, 2015

Luminis Research is now part of VirtusLab

A round of applause! Luminis Research is now a part of VirtusLab and we could’t be more proud.

For a few years now we have been working closely with Luminis Research, especially in the field of data analysis and big data systems.

We have decided to take one more tiny step and incorporate Luminis Research into the structure of VirtusLab. This greatly enhances our Team skillset, in particular data analysis and machine learning competencies.

Przemysław Maciołek, PhD, former CEO of Luminis Research becomes our advisor and brings to VirtusLab over 10 years of experience in the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning and BigData.

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Karolina Jaworek
Karolina Jaworek