LambdaDays 2015 has finished!

The conference turned out to be a great success. Behind the walls of AGH University of Science and Technology over 400 attendants gathered to listen to our best speakers in a great atmosphere. Thanks to such events, the functional programming is becoming more and more popular.

It was the second time for Krakow to host LambdaDays and again, the feedback was extremely positive. It was also the time of premiere of ReactDay – the very first conference in Cental Europe about Reactive Programming. The interest was immense and all the tickets were sold out within weeks.

Together with Erlang Solutions and a vast number of sponsors, VirtusLab was proud to take part in the conference. Such events make us confident that it was a right effort. We would like to thank everybody for their help and organizational and financial support. LambdaDays would not be possible to happen without it.