Jon Pretty joins VirtusLab as an external board advisor

Jon Pretty has been added to VirtusLab’s Scala Steering Committee.


I am thrilled to announce that Jon Pretty has been added to VirtusLab’s Scala Steering Committee. This is a natural next step in our already long-standing cooperation.

For people involved in the Scala community, Jon needs no introduction. He is active in the Scala ecosystem nearly from the very beginning, a prolific conference speaker (and organizer), author of plenty of open source libraries (all of them with fancy names!), and a voice of reason within the community. His ability to create clean and elegant code is unprecedented and might only be matched by his ability to express complicated things simply in English (and soon maybe in other languages). It is no exaggeration to say that the Scala community wouldn’t be the same without him.

Jon’s appointment to VirtusLab’s Scala Steering Committee is a significant step in our involvement in the Scala community. VirtusLab initially started as a Scala consultancy company 10 years ago. In the meantime, we grew significantly (+200 engineers across the board) and extended our competencies in areas of cloud-native and reactive systems, streaming, data engineering/science, and frontend engineering.

We see great potential in Scala 3, especially in the Cloud Native and Data Science & Engineering spaces. Spaces to which VirtusLab, together with Jon’s advice, is very well positioned to contribute to. Investment into Scala in general and Scala 3 fits well into our broader mission to help Customers achieve more with software through our services and state-of-the-art technologies.

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Rafał Pokrywka, CEO
Rafał Pokrywka, CEOJul 1, 2020