Optimise decision-making processes with a reliable data platform

At VirtusLab, we understand insurance companies deal with a lot of data that comes from different sources, is complex, and may even overlap. That’s why we provide a custom-made and reliable data platform that handles any amount of data. We identify all pain points and then build a solution that best fits your needs. Regardless of the data platform you need, we can create it.

Increase efficiency with a self-service approach

The data platforms we provide eliminate the need to involve engineers in every data analysis process. By providing data analysts with a general framework, engineers are taken out of the equation. Data analysts are able to define data transformations on their own. This shortens the process, so you get results quicker.

Generate reports quickly

Regardless of the amount and complexity of data, you get access to reports quickly. Our data platforms provide you with flat data or hundreds of data tables on a specific piece of information—for example, a data set on policies. Apart from the flat views, there’s a nested structure aggregating this data, so you can leverage it for modern use cases like machine learning.

Reduce maintenance costs

Our solutions are more maintainable because they are reliable and custom-made. We use reliable frameworks and languages, so bugs are detected during development, not during runtime. You don’t need to pay licence fees because you own the solution we create. There are no features you don’t need. Adding a new feature is easier, cheaper and quicker because it’s a custom-made solution. Custom solutions can be integrated with any existing or future framework or tool you’d like to use.

Go modern with a cloud data platform

You get to choose between Hadoop or the modern approach–a cloud data platform. As multi-cloud experts, we can build and maintain solutions on any cloud. We help you get started, regardless of whether you’ve never had a data platform or have Hadoop and want to try something modern. Cloud data platforms we design are reliable, cost-effective and keep the data secure. You only pay for what you need, thanks to the pay-as-you-go approach. Get predictive payments, high automation and guaranteed security with a cloud data platform.

A data platform built with reliable code

Data platforms are only as strong as the code they are built with. We ensure the code we build a data platform is reliable by catching any issues with data and data transformation during development. You face no risk of discovering a bug in data three years after making a data-driven decision. Get a data platform you can trust.

Turn a large pool of complex data into a simple view

You no longer need to look for pieces of information in different places. Save time and improve productivity by having all the data present in one place. Our data platforms ingest all the data from different sources and then aggregate them. The result is a set of domain aggregates, ready to be worked on by a data analyst.

Let the data work for you

Don’t waste time getting lost in the data and verifying information in various places. Let the data platform do all the heavy lifting. By having a reliable data platform, you can trust the information it presents to you. A single view is all you need to make a smart, data-driven decision. The data platform serves as a single source of truth.

Get a custom-made data platform

Instead of locking yourself down to an expensive general data platform, get it custom-made and pay only for the features you need. We will work together with you every step of the way, focusing on providing a solution that best fits your needs. Our solutions are flexible, so you can add or subtract any features you want to.

What you get

VirtusLab is capable of creating any data platform you may need. A custom solution integrates with technologies and tools already in place within your organisation. We provide you with a reliable and trustworthy data platform that serves as a single source of truth. Our domain-driven design approach enables us to understand your business needs. We deliver value quickly with software engineering practices such as version control, CI/CD, alerting, observability, code reviews and type safety.

Cloud-native, On-prem Hadoop and Hybrid Data Lakes
Spark and software engineering expertise
Domain Driven Design
Both nested (ML) and flat (traditional reports) views on data
Self-served approach
Reliable and compile-time safe transformations
Automated verification
Parallel hyperparameter tuning
reliable data platform for insurance

Who is VirtusLab

VirtusLab is an essential partner in the development of data platforms. We enable complex decisions in milliseconds, implement new business models in hours, and deploy them in minutes.

We modernise the approaches of global industry leaders in areas such as developer experience and tooling, cloud-native services and data science & engineering. In addition, VirtusLab’s software engineering teams efficiently optimise business results through innovative dev tooling solutions.

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