Grounds and mission

the strongest team out there

Our team is our foundation. Being more than 200 employees strong different in age, gender, education, or beliefs we constantly try to make the work environment more supportive. We’re there for you if you want to learn something new and we are the first who encourages you to share your knowledge and experience with others with a round of applause. We believe in a structure that rejects hierarchy.

Progression & growth

We are more than 200 employees, yet we are different from a corporation. Everyone has autonomy and responsibility at work because this is key to achieving goals – in turn resulting in priceless job satisfaction. By joining us you will get all of this, and we promise not to neglect your professional development. Within our collaborative environment, you will improve your skills by learning from the best.

Each and every team member is very welcome to join Virtusity – VirtusLab’s training division. We created Virtusity to offer the highest possible quality IT training by professionals for professionals.

We give back to the community

We do our best to drive the growth of the Tech Community and create a space for the exchange of experience and ideas. We make considerable contributions to local and international programming communities and open source projects– we hold regular meetups to share knowledge and support devs’ growth.

We are proud to be an organizer of – a unique & innovative multitrack tech software conference experience with more than 600 attendees from all over the world.
Tech innovation

There is no growth without innovation. We work hard to push the frontier of software technology and improve efficiency. We invest in R&D, keep track of recent trends, and look around us for inspiration for new solutions or products.