Karolina Jaworek
Karolina Jaworek Mar 16, 2020

Go remote! Stay home & stay safe!

We work from home in times of COVID-19 coronavirus

Right now, when the new COVID-19 coronavirus is quickly spreading across the globe, it makes more sense than ever to allow your team to work remotely in the safety of their houses. Working from home might reduce their chances of catching an infection at the office or on their way on public transportation.

Taking the current coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic situation very seriously, we decided to close our offices and switch to 100% remote work from March 12th for as long as it will be needed.

Stay home, stay safe

We feel we need to lead by example to slow down the spread of the virus, and we are happy that many companies encourage team members to work remotely if possible.

The spreading of COVID-19 new coronavirus changed the way we work and do business these times. Working from home could help our society minimize the risk of the infection. We highly recommend to stay calm but remain appropriately vigilant.

At VirtusLab we have experience in working and collaborating remotely. It’s possible to successfully deliver a project and keep our continuous business operations without being all present in the office.

In the present situation, we decided last week to take additional measures, and we’re now:

  • conducting all interviews online,
  • cancelling all business trips until further notice,
  • moving to online meetings all customer’s visits,
  • postponing/ running remote meetups, training and social events.

However, as of this day, we stay with the decision on NOT rescheduling or cancelling 2020 Conference planned for this October due to COVID-19 concerns. The situation is being monitored closely and any changes will be communicated.

The situation is uncertain, but we believe that responsible behaviour combined with a serious approach will help us all to overcome it. We thank all for their understanding and cooperation. Stay healthy!


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Karolina Jaworek
Karolina Jaworek