DressCode 2018

We are more than happy to announce that VirtusLab is a partner of Google’s DressCode 2018!

The third edition of DressCode is addressed to young girls and boys aged 13 to 19 years. In the program, they will be responsible for removing obstacles which appear during an imaginary journey to Mars.

The course is free of charge and young participants will have a chance to gain basic knowledge about programming in Python under the supervision of specialists. Every two weeks until June 15, organizers will publish programming puzzles with varying levels of difficulty. Experts will verify the submitted code and give professional feedback to participants to be sure that they learn not only how to write code, but also how to do it correctly.

If you have children of this age or want to share this opportunity with other people, feel free to point them to the fan page on Facebook.

Let’s share best practices with a new generation of programmers!